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A retirement planning advisor can show you hundreds of options available in the market. The key question is, “Which one is right for me?” This question is the one that our team is trained to answer, and sometimes, that answer involves education planning. Education planning can be a tool incorporated into a broader retirement planning program that can enable your children and your children’s children to reap the benefits of a rich education while not encumbering themselves with the amount of debt that many students and families face in America today.

In addition to education planning, First Financial Consultants believes in educating our clients on their own plans and planning options. To do this, First Financial Consultants offers continuing education opportunities to clients through seminars and special events. Themes range from hot topics in retirement planning to knowledge-sharing on important planning subjects and techniques that each client should know.

Education in the financial planning field has no bounds, as the dynamic nature of the industry continually presents new opportunities. These opportunities also generate numerous questions to which we can provide you with answers. It is our goal to keep our clients up-to-date with pertinent industry information so they become confident investors, both with us and on their own.

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